Introducing the VLP Aviator Chronograph

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VL Productions is proud to announce the addition of the VLP Aviator Chronograph watch series to its product line.  Featuring a custom E6B inside bezel, the limited edition timepiece helps pilots complete aviation calculations including fuel burn, estimated time of arrival, and wind corrections via the slide rule function. A chronograph function utilizing additional sundials to register minutes, hours, and seconds using a sweep hand assist in timing flight durations. The series will be offered with multiple dial options and both black leather and stainless steel bracelets. Features VL Timepieces

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A recent feature profiled the VL-Productions Date Wheel luxury wristwatch line. First unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2013, the series results from a collaboration between manufacturing industry entrepreneur Gilbert Villarreal and auto industry guru Bob Lutz. Villarreal and Lutz are also collaborating on the development of the VL Destino, a highly-anticipated, supercharged 4-door sedan.

Date Wheel Watch Unveiled at Simply Marcela


The VL-Productions Date Wheel product line was unveiled today at Simply Marcella, a boutique fashion and accessory shop in Lake Orion, Michigan. VL-Productions co-founders Gilbert Villarreal and Bob Lutz were in attendance to discuss the inspiration behind the new luxury timepiece brand, as well as their VL Destino performance sedan. 75 other guests were in attendance at the event, including Donald Loke, master watchmaker, industry veteran, and designer of the VL timepiece series. 

Date Wheel Watch Debuts at BaselWorld

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The VL-Productions Date Wheel Watch debuted this week at the BaselWorld International Watch and Jewelry show in Basel, Switzerland.  The latest design statement by the partnership of industrialist Gilbert Villarreal and automotive guru Bob Lutz, the watch features a patented date wheel function which allows users to track and project production schedules or shipment dates by the number of weeks remaining until a deadline.